Instructions: Filing a PIREP with file


Instructions for filing a Pirep with Blackbox

To file a PIREP using Blackbox file and Route GPX use this form

Required fields are marked with *


Select the nickname of the JAFVA Pilot that completed the Flight.

In order to succesfully submit a flight, a new pilot will need to register using the new pilot form. Once this in completed, the nickname will be available in the dropdown list.

*Tracking evidence csv

*** Download Blackbox Protocol ***

The tracking evidence is a file created with a CSV file created with JAFVA's ACAR system: the blackbox protocol.

To produce this file, the user will need to

  1. Download the blackbox Protocol XML File and copy it to Flightgear's root directory (fgdata) under the Protocol directory
  2. While launching flightgear with the launcher of choice (or via the command) indicate that you want to use the blackbox protocol to export a csv file: example


  3. On the code, blackbox.csv is the file name that the Protocol will produce. You can add your preferred path for saving this file


  4. More information about Flightgear's Protocols on the Flightgear Wiki
  5. After completing your file, submit the resulting file as your PIREP
  6. Do not manually modify the blackbox.csv file, as it might corrupt it, and our Virtual Airline Artificial Intelligence could reject it. The content of this file contains your flight tracking information

Route gpx [Optional]

A route file can be provided, as a Skyvector's GPX route file.

  1. Only GPX files produced by Skyvector are acceptable. This route files can be loaded to Flightgear Route manager, and be used for navigation and routing purposes during your flights
  2. Skyvector GPX Plan your route using that server, and use their button [Send plan to], which gives access to a menu, that allows exporting the flight plan as multiple platforms. Select .gpx, and this way you can either Download the Dynon .GPX file or Email the .GPX File to the email address you provide there
  3. Modifying the Skyvector is possible, but if not done correctly it could cause JAFVA's Artificial Intelligence to reject your route file
  4. Submit the GPX file obtained with Skyvector with the form, as an attachment to your PIREP

Notes [Optional]

Indicate anything you want us to know about your flight. Weather conditions, scenery, approach used, descriptions of the flight and landing, etc

Flight GeoJson

When you submit a fligth with Blackbox (with or without a GPX route file), the system will attempt to validate your flight automatically.

If it passes the tests, the Pilot's location, times and rank would be updated immediately.

If it does not pass the test, the system will report the reasons for rejection.

If you wish to request a review of the virtual validation, contact us on the forum.

The system will produce and make available a GeoJson File, with your route, and your filed flight; on the resulting flight page.