Status JAFVA670: Flag EVRA - EKCH Flag


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Time Stamp: Oct. 29, 2015, 2:37 p.m.

Flag Pilot Badge YL-EKL (NAX3555)

Departure: Flag (EVRA) Riga International Airport

Destination: Flag (EKCH) Copenhagen Kastrup Airport

Flight Time: 1:35:10

Aircraft Flown: B733

Speed: 0.82Ma

Altitude: FL360


Notes: Pilot: YL-EKL Callsign: NAX3555 Airline: Norwegian Flight: 3555 Aircraft: B733 Cruising Altitude: FL360 Cruising Speed: 0.82 Ma Departing: EVRA Arriving: EKCH Duration: 1 h 45 min Starting position: Terminal Route: EVRA SID VALED M869 LEP M864 KOLJA M611 ELVIX L975 ALM STAR EKCH SID: VALED4E STAR: ALM1B APP: ILS A little off course after the SID. Somehow lately I forget to engage LNAV too often. I usually also forget to reduce speed before entering holds. Holding over ALM VOR.

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