Status JAFVA173: Flag KLGB - KSLC Flag


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Time Stamp: Nov. 30, 2014, 2:09 a.m.

Flag Pilot Badge G-SHOZ (SKY4693)

Departure: Flag (KLGB) Long Beach /Daugherty Field/ Airport

Destination: Flag (KSLC) Salt Lake City International Airport

Flight Time: 0:00:00

Aircraft Flown: CRJ7

Speed: 362KTAS

Altitude: FL310


Notes: I went as slow as I thought was reasonable, cruising at 250KIAS. 362KTAS would have been less than 220KIAS. My guess is that the filed speeds you are finding are distance / time rather than cruise speed. Any delays, e.g. holding, would add to the time and push the average speed down.

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