Flag (TTPP) - Piarco International Airport


General Information

Airport class: medium_airport

Scheduled service: yes

Geographical Information

Continent: NA

Country: Flag Trinidad and Tobago

Region: Tunapuna-Piarco

Municipality: Port of Spain

Longitude: -61.3372 Latitude: 10.5954 Elevation: 58.00 feet

External Links and Pilot's resources

Home site:

Wikipedia: TTPP@wikipedia.com

Our Airports: TTPP@ourairports.com

Great Circle Map: TTPP@gcmap.com

Skyvector: TTPP@skyvector.com

Piarco International Airport's Flights

Status Flight ID Pilot Nickname Callsign Departure Flag Departure Airport Destination Flag Destination Airport Aircraft Duration
Status 1510 SkyBoat N-159D Flag TTPP Flag TNCB da42 3:19:28
Status 1507 SkyBoat AAL1593 Flag KMIA Flag TTPP MD-11-GE 3:45:36
Status 1505 SkyBoat AAL1593 Flag TTPP Flag KMIA MD-11-GE 3:37:51
Status 1500 SkyBoat N-159D Flag TFFF Flag TTPP da42 2:20:43
Status 536 G-SHOZ JBU4692 Flag TTPP Flag KJFK A320 0:00:00
Status 507 G-SHOZ VRG4692 Flag SBBE Flag TTPP Lockheed 1049h 0:00:00