Flag (LPLA) - Lajes Field


General Information

Airport class: large_airport

Scheduled service: yes

Geographical Information

Continent: EU

Country: Flag Portugal

Region: Autonomous Region of Azores

Municipality: Lajes

Longitude: -27.0908 Latitude: 38.7618 Elevation: 180.00 feet

External Links and Pilot's resources

Home site:

Wikipedia: LPLA@wikipedia.com

Our Airports: LPLA@ourairports.com

Great Circle Map: LPLA@gcmap.com

Skyvector: LPLA@skyvector.com

Lajes Field's Flights

Status Flight ID Pilot Nickname Callsign Departure Flag Departure Airport Destination Flag Destination Airport Aircraft Duration
Status 1593 SP-BAN JAV2260 Flag LPLA Flag LDDU 737-800YV 5:18:34
Status 1592 SP-BAN JAV2260 Flag CYMX Flag LPLA 737-800YV 5:16:48
Status 1154 SP-BAN SP-BNA Flag LPLA Flag EGFF 737-800 3:20:28
Status 1150 SP-BAN SP-BNA Flag TXKF Flag LPLA B738 2:57:14
Status 1139 SP-BAN SP-BNA Flag LPLA Flag TXKF B738 5:10:55
Status 1137 SP-BAN SP-BNA Flag EGFF Flag LPLA 737-800 3:33:53