Flag (KDCA) - Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport


General Information

Airport class: large_airport

Scheduled service: yes

Geographical Information

Continent: NA

Country: Flag United States

Region: District of Columbia

Municipality: Washington

Longitude: -77.0377 Latitude: 38.8521 Elevation: 15.00 feet

External Links and Pilot's resources

Home site: http://www.mwaa.com/national/

Wikipedia: KDCA@wikipedia.com

Our Airports: KDCA@ourairports.com

Great Circle Map: KDCA@gcmap.com

Skyvector: KDCA@skyvector.com

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport's Flights

Status Flight ID Pilot Nickname Callsign Departure Flag Departure Airport Destination Flag Destination Airport Aircraft Duration
Status 985 Legoboyvdlp UAL5344 Flag KDEN Flag KDCA B752 3:09:00
Status 966 Legoboyvdlp BOE5344 Flag KDCA Flag KIAD B787-8 0:42:00
Status 965 Legoboyvdlp BAW5344 Flag KMEM Flag KDCA B777/752 3:19:00
Status 948 Legoboyvdlp DAL5344 Flag KDCA Flag KJFK CR9 1:09:00
Status 940 Legoboyvdlp AAL5344 Flag KMIA Flag KDCA B738 1:57:00
Status 774 IH-COL JBU4243 Flag KDCA Flag KBOS HondaJet 1:09:30
Status 770 IH-COL JIA4243 Flag KBTV Flag KDCA HA420 1:05:10
Status 506 F-36 DAL3362 Flag KDTW Flag KDCA B712 0:00:00