JAFVA: General Instructions

Just Another FlightGear Virtual Airline was founded in 2014, and allows pilots a great amount of freedom in the choice of Aircrafts and routes, while maintaining realistic Airline like routes and procedures.

Becoming a JAFVA Pilot

In order to succesfully submit Flights to JAFVA, a new pilot must register, providing a nickname, a country of representation, and a form of contact. This is done by simply completing the request form

We are unable to accept flights from unregistered pilots.

Once a pilot has a registered JAFVA ID, a pilot's code, and his/her valid tailsign and callsign are created. A JAFVA flight must be completed and submitted with either a valid tailsign or callsign in order to be accepted for time and ranking.

JAFVA pilots have a rank which is higher with increased hours flown in valid flights. A JAFVA callsigns ending number indicates his/her rank, with 6 being an entry pilot and 0 for any Senior Captain. Tailsigns last character also are representing the pilot's rank, with a G for entry level, and reducing subsequently until the last character, being an A, representing the highest possible rank.

The rank of all JAFVA pilots with the most important Virtual Airline information is seen in our JAFVA Pilots: General Classification List

Each JAFVA pilot has a pilot's page, where complete details of their Virtual Airline information is listed. To access it, simply click on the pilot's nickname

Each JAFVA pilot flies in representation of a country of choice. Every country has an information page, that shows details of that countries pilots and flights flown to/from that specific country. To access it, click on the country's flag or name

Submitting flight PIREP

In order to advance through JAFVA ranks, pilots must complete valid Flights, and submit them to our database.

We recommend you submit flights with a blackbox file (and optionally a GPX route file), using the Flight submission form (with file) [Instructions]

Alternatively, if using the blackbox configuration is undesirable for you, then we accept your submitting your flight using the Flight submission form (Legacy)

The Flights submitted to our Virtual Airline by our pilots are listed (from recent to older) in our Flights General Classification Page. Each flight page can be accessed by clicking on the flight number. Specific information on the Airports (Departing and Arriving airport), including all the flights completed to and from that location can be accessed by clicking on the airport's ICAO code.

A valid flight:

A valid JAFVA flight has several requirements. Although every submitted flight will be recorded, not every flight will alter a pilot's current location, nor will add up time to their flight rosters. Only valid flights will be counted towards a pilot's progress in the virtual airline

  1. It departs from the pilot current location
  2. It is longer in duration than 10 minutes on air
  3. It has complete on ground proccedures including proper apron and taxi time and lenghts.
    Note: Succesfully taxiing the aircraft from an apron to the runway is required, both departing and arriving. Lack of taxiing evidence invalidates a JAFVA flight
  4. It is completed without simulation rate alterations during all the phases of flight
  5. It uses a non-military aircraft
  6. It is completed with a correct callsign as indicated below
  7. It is submitted via our website, and evidence of flight is presented either as a flightgear tracker URL, or using JAFVA blackbox file
For flight's submitted via Blackbox, a GeoJSon file is created which contains all tracking information obtained from this ACARS-like file. The GeoJSon can be downloaded directly from the Flight's page. Our Artificial Intelligence will be able to determine automatically whether the flight is a valid JAFVA and will update the pilots time and location, if passes the validation, or it will indicated that the flight has not been considered a valid flight, and it will indicate the reason or reasons for being a disqualified flight. If you want to refute this automatic assesment, contact us via the JAFVA forum. For flight submitted with the Legacy form, an assesment of the validity of a flight will be performed manually at a later time, and we will use the URL for tracking information you provide us. The website will indicate that the flight validation is still pending.

JAFVA Callsigns

A JAFVA fligth must be completed using the correct callsign for the Pilot.

To know what callsign must be used, look at your pilot detail's page. Look for the Tailsign or Callsign information.

Keep in mind that both tailsign and callsign will change as you progress through the Virtual Airline Rank, and the flights will be completed with the updated callsign.

A flight completed using your tailsign as callsign, is always valid

However, we recommend the use of the Callsign code, everytime you complete a flight that is offered by a real airline anywhere in the world, at any time. (this include historical or current fligth schedules).

Note that the Callsign is a code of the form JAFVANNNN, where NNNN is a four digit number (the pilots 3 digit code and the last digit corresponding to the pilot rank). Per example, assume your callsign is JAFVA6546.

Any callsign using the 3 letter ICAO code of a real line airline, followed by the four-digit pilot code, (like DAL6546, AAL6546, BAW6546, etc) is a valid callsign.

Suppose you are going to complete a flight KLAX-KJFK, as offered by, among others, Delta Airlines. Delta airlines 3 letter ICAO code is DAL.

Therefore, you will correctly complete this flight with the callsign DAL6546. Using this callsign is preferable over the using of your tailsign.

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